Three Ways To Make A Chain Link Fence Appear Less Industrial

One of the big advantages of chain link fencing is its versatility. It can look just as appropriate in an industrial setting as it does around your yard. Business owners and homeowners alike favor chain link fencing for its sturdy nature and cost-effectiveness, but if you're a homeowner who is planning to install a fence around your yard you may be concerned that chain link fencing may look a little too industrial. Not everyone shares this mindset, of course, but if you favor chain link and you want to give it more of a residential feel, there are many things that you can do. Here are three options:

Get Vinyl-Coated Fencing

If you feel that the common gray shade of chain link fencing looks too industrial, a simple solution is to buy vinyl-coated fencing. This style essentially consists of standard chain link fencing, but the material has been treated with a thin layer of vinyl, which is often black. As such, none of the gray is visible. Vinyl-coated fencing instantly appears more residential, and can work well whether it's around the perimeter of your yard or around a backyard pool. Additionally, the vinyl makes the material softer, which can be ideal if you have children who might occasionally run into the fence while playing.

Use Wooden Posts

Instead of metal fence posts for your chain link fence, consider opting for wood. This change will be a little more costly, but can go a long way toward giving you a chain link fence that looks residential rather than industrial. In industrial applications, you'll virtually always see chain link fences with metal posts. Many homeowners who favor chain link opt for wooden posts to provide more visual appeal.

Upgrade Your Gate

You'll generally want to add one or more points of access through the chain link fence, which means that gates will be something to think about. A standard chain link gate offers a high degree of functionality, but you might feel that it looks a little more industrial than you'd like. The simple solution is to talk to your fencing contractor about upgrades that you can make to the gate. For some people, this can be as simple as a metal gate with a few ornate shapes across the top. Such a gate won't be present in industrial settings, which means that your choice of gate will clearly identify it as a residential one.

Reach out to a fence company in your area for more information.