Considering A Wrought Iron Fence? Know These 5 Things

Need to make a decision on fencing material for your yard? If so, you may be considering wrought iron fencing from a company such as Security Fence. Here are 5 things to know about the material before you make a decision.

Wrought Iron Will Be Pest Free

While you love the look of natural wood, one of the concerns you may have is the maintenance involved to keep pests away from the material. That's why it's good to know that wrought iron is not going to have any problem with pests destroying the fence. Since it's made of solid iron, there is not much pests can do to cause lasting damage.

Wrought Iron Will Have A Labor Intensive Installation

A large cost associated with installing a fence is the manual labor. While every fence involves digging post holes, hauling heavy material, and securing the fencing in place, it is more labor intensive with wrought iron. There are more post holes and the material is heavier, and this makes the entire process more difficult. You can expect the installation to cost more than competing materials, like PVC or wood.

Wrought Iron Fences Are Durable

You are going to want to select a fencing material that lasts a long time. While a high quality cedar fence can last up to 30 years, a wrought iron fence can easily double that lifespan at 60 years. There will definitely not be a need to prematurely replace a fence due to typical wear and tear, so you know it will be an investment that you can depend on.

Wrought Iron Requires Maintenance

Wrought iron fencing material does have the potential to rust over time, which is why the material does require maintenance. This involves painting the iron so that there is a protective barrier that protects the fencing material from water. Every few years, it will require a new protective coating to keep everything looking good.

Wrought Iron Improves Your Curb Appeal

If you are going to be selling your home in the future, know that you can add some nice curb appeal to your home with a wrought iron fence. It has a distinct look that definitely gives off a vibe that you have a nice home, especially since you have invested in quality material that looks beautiful. Others will be sure to notice the fence when they visit your home to consider making a purchase.

Speak with a local fencing contractor for more information about installing wrought iron.